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Hotel Owner Club Indonesia
Hotel Owner Club Indonesia
Hotel Owner Club Indonesia Grant Subang

Grant Subang

The completion of the Cipali toll road and the continued growth of the industry in Subang is followed by the increasing need of supporting facilities, including hotels. Seeing these opportunities three-star hotel re-present in Subang. Carrying the concept of Hotel and Art Gallery, Grant Hotel is present in the city center.

Dozens of paintings of various sizes filled the walls of the hotel. In the hotel lobby there are 3 large paintings, two of them in the form of painting Sisingaan which is a typical art Subang regency. Other art objects filled the various corners of the room, mostly sculptures of various shapes and sizes

1. Kantor Bupati Subang (750 m)

2. Alun Alun Kota Subang (300 m)

3. Terminal Bus Subang (3 Km)

5. Cipali Tol Road (5 Km)

4. Ciater (22 Km)

5. Tangkuban Perahu (30 Km)

5. Lembang (41.6 Km)

5. Bandung (52.8 Km)

  • Jl. Jend. Achmad Yani No.6, Pasirkareumbi, Karanganyar, Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat 41211

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